How It Works

Just 2 Short Stages with One Review in between.

  This Is the Sequence 

1) Visit Our Website - Oh, you're already there! Feel free to browse the entire website - just 6 pages!
2) It is most important that you read Frequently Asked Questions and this page.
3) When you are ready, send us a short email with "Blueprint" in the Subject Line and we will send it as a PDF Document or as an email attachment. Tell us which you prefer.

4) Follow the Blueprint to prepare your script and other content; Photos, logos, testimonials etc.
(If you have any questions or difficulties send us a quick email and we will sort it, usually the same day.)
When we receive the first draft of your script, we may make some recommendations, to improve the presentation or correct some inaccuracies. We will not change anything. Changes must be agreed by you.

5) We will prepare the first draft of the video, for you to review. This is where we make any small changes that you need. This is a once-off exercise. We cannot make repeated adjustments or go back to square one. Our schedule would be shot to pieces and the price would escalate.

 Once you're happy with Stage One,    £47
6) Once you have signed off on Stage One, we will complete the important steps of voice-over and synchronisation, to ensure that your video is unique and personal to you and your business. 

7) Your second review, of the finished video, is the final step. It is yours, to use as you wish - on your website, on YouTube, your Facebook Page and on your emails (this is especially quick and effective, now made possible by the widespread use of mobile devices and the public awareness of video) 

 Pick up your new video Now!     £150